Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Non-Erico-Aumentado-related Post

Hello! I’m back. Sorry for not posting soon. I’ve been a little busy with work and we just moved to a new place. We’re still on the process of arranging some things and I was hired back by my old boss to work for them so I was doing some paper works too. So far, everything’s doing good and I’m happy my old company hired me back so I won’t be adjusting that much when it comes to work. What did I do last weekend? My wife and I went to pick up some new furniture for our apartment and did some groceries too since the kids insisted we watch movies at home and demanded we buy popcorn and Cheetos at once =) As for me, I watched the Super Bowl last weekend with some of my old friends and enjoyed a few cans of beer. The New Orleans Saints won, just in case you didn’t see the game. I was actually surprised that they won because they are the underdog. But since I always root for the underdog, I’m really happy that they were victorious. On the other side, I know I’ve mentioned about posting issues and some articles about Bohol. I miss Bohol already. I miss going out to the beach with my family never getting bored with the view, the people and the sea. The feeling is so relaxing both physically and mentally. I’ve received plenty of emails already from my friends there about what’s going on and I have read plenty of very intriguing issues and news. I’ve heard that today is the start of the campaign period in the Philippines for national candidates such as those running for President, Vice President, Senators and Party List representatives. I’ve seen several ads of Presidential candidate Manny Villar on YouTube and I wondered how many ads he will be releasing now that it’s officially campaign period. It’s really obvious that he has a lot of money to spare. The amount he pays for the ads should have been used to help poor people in the Philippines, like build decent houses for those who are squatting everywhere. I think that would make a huge impact than spending millions of pesos for advertisements. Well, that’s all for now. I still have more paper works to do. My next post will be all about Erico Aumentado and some issues that may be of interest to you. Watch out for it!